Dan Malloy Becomes Connecticut Governor

Daniel Patrick Malloy warned of a budget crisis of historic proportions” as he became Connecticut’s 73rd governor Wednesday.

Malloy sounded similar themes and used some of the same words in two speeches, a State of the State message to the Legislature and his inaugural address, The Hartford Courant reported. The new legislative session also opened Wednesday.

“Today I see an economic crisis and an employment crisis, both fueled by an unfriendly employer environment, a lack of educational resources, a deteriorating transportation system and an enormous budget crisis of historic proportions,” Malloy said.

He gave no details about how he plans to deal with the crisis, reserving those for his budget message in February.

Malloy is the first Democrat to serve as governor in Connecticut in 20 years. He replaces Jodi Rell, who became governor when John Rowlands resigned.

Rell worked “tirelessly” for the state, Malloy said.

“Governor Rell stepped into the role of governor at a time when our state was in a different kind of crisis, a crisis of confidence in the character and intentions of its leadership,” Malloy said.

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