Can A Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Trace The Name, Address And Family Details From An Unlisted Phone Number Search Directory?

All cell phone numbers and certain land numbers have been unlisted in the usa to protect the privacy rights of mobile phone users

According to Google search statistics more 1,500,000 searches per month are performed by individuals using terms related to “Online Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup”. Many who are keen on tracing wireless phone numbers for free search for online directories and are often bombarded with thousands of search results, all for ‘FREE Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services’.

 Why would service providers offer free access to databases with an incredibly high demand? Therefore is there any truth in their claim to offer a “FREE” service. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories provide certain information for free.

 ·They tell you the name of the phone company under which the subscriber is registered such as Virgin Mobile, Sprint etc

·They also give you the name of the state or city the cell phone user lives in. (eg: New York, Washington DC etc)

 Does a FREE Reverse Lookup on a Cell Number tell you the Name and Address of the person?
But if you are looking for something more and precise then you will have to pay a fee before gaining the chance to access such information. Details of wireless phone users are constantly under the risk of being misused by Prank Callers, Telemarketers etc. For this reason they are not listed on public databases and often protected by laws and regulations, within the USA. Therefore for the mere protection of mobile users, Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services are not 100% free. Go to to read a Review of the BEST Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories.

 Here’s how to choose the BEST Reverse Cell Phone Number Search Directory:

·Make sure it’s comprehensive. Over 250 million mobile users are there in the US and a directory with few million numbers will not sufficiently fulfill your need.

·The directory must be an updated one to avoid giving you old information which can be both incorrect and irrelevant.

·Since the prices start at 99 cents per reverse cell phone look up and go up to $69, selecting a service which best fits you economically is vital.  

To read a review of the BEST Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories in the USA, visit

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