100% Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup To Trace Unlisted Cell Numbers

Can you trace name and address of an unlisted cell phone number by using free reverse cell phone look up service?

Today, thousands search the internet everyday for ways to have phone numbers traced. The number of such searches made on an average month is over a million. The number is still on the rise and the reasons why so many are attempting to do tracings are interesting to know:
-    To find out whom spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends have been contacting
-    Parents trying to check on whom their kids have been calling/texting
-    People trying to stop prank callers
-    People trying to avoid calls from bill collectors etc.

How can you trace a mobile number?
You can do it the old way – that is to have a private investigator look up the number for you (be warned that this is a very costly option) or you can do it the new way – Online Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s 100% confidential and you can do the search on your own from anywhere you can access the internet.

What details can an online database give?
-    The user’s complete name
-    Marital status
-    Details on family and associates
-    Addresses, both past and present
-    Even criminal, civil, sex-offender records (optional)

Can you get the above information with a FREE Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?
Unfortunately NO! In the USA, mobile numbers are NOT listed on Free Public Phonebooks such as the white pages. This has been done deliberately to protect the privacy rights of cell phone users. In contrast to land phones, cellular phones are considered personal not only by people but also by the law. There are even privacy laws such as the ‘Wireless 411 Privacy Act’ that have been implemented to protect cell phone user privacy. Therefore if you need to know above information of a mobile phone user, your only option is to use a paid reverse cell phone directory service. However, the good news is that you only need to pay as little as 99 cents for a reputable company.
•    Company X – 99 cents (80% off the everyday price of $5)
•    Directory Y – $15
•    Directory Z – $39.95

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