Welcome to the New Official Wire

I want to welcome you to the new Official Wire. We’ve spent some time listening to user requests and we’ve come up with a site that we think you will really like.

Here is a breakdown of some of the new features that we have built in.

Categorical distribution increased to sending your press releases to major magazines and journalists in your specified category. Each paid press release is given one enhanced categorical distribution for free, along with the usual online syndication.

On top of enhanced categorical targeting, we have an entirely new regional delivery system to distribute your news to important media outlets in key markets. We call this Geo-Targeting, and we hope this will become a very valuable tool for you in the future. At this time, Geo-targeting is limited to the United States, but we plan to add support for other regions in the future.

We have upgraded our SEO optimization and social media features. Our site is now optimized for SEO in general. In the future we will allow users to tweak the title and meta description of each individual press release.

No advertisements on paid press releases.

When your account isn’t active your media is still available online. We will no longer remove your media from view if your account expires or becomes inactive.

Cleaner and more user-friendly interface.

But most of all we have built a stable platform which will afford us years of upgradability as technology and social media evolve.

We have also opened a special toll free number that you can call for support. The new number is 1-888-237-0878. We want to help you maximize the reach and power of your message.

You still have access to all of the features you have always relied upon to speed your important Press Releases to interested journalists, plus new upgraded media and social reach.

So give it a try, your total satisfaction is guaranteed.

Yours truly,

Floyd Brown

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